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  • Marine Ecoregions of the World (2007)
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  • This dataset shows a biogeographic classification of the world’s coastal and continental shelf waters, following a nested hierarchy of realms, provinces and ecoregions. It describes 232 ecoregions, which lie within 62 provinces and 12 large realms. The regions aim to capture generic patterns of biodiversity across habitats and taxa, with regions extending from the coast (intertidal zone) to the 200 m depth contour.

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  • Spalding MD, Fox HE, Allen GR, Davidson N, FerdaƱa ZA, Finlayson M, Halpern BS, Jorge MA, Lombana A, Lourie SA, Martin KD, McManus E, Molnar J, Recchia CA, Robertson J (2007). Marine Ecoregions of the World: a bioregionalization of coast and shelf areas. BioScience 57: 573-583. URL: http://data.unep-wcmc.org/datasets/13