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  • This dataset shows the global distribution of seagrasses, and is composed of two subsets of point and polygon occurrence data. The data were compiled by UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre in collaboration with many collaborators (e.g. Frederick Short of the University of New Hampshire), organisations (e.g. OSPAR), and projects (e.g. the European project Mediterranean Sensitive Habitats “Mediseh”), across the globe (full list available in accompanying metadata table within the dataset).

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  • UNEP-WCMC, Short FT (2021). Global distribution of seagrasses (version 7.1). Seventh update to the data layer used in Green and Short (2003). Cambridge (UK): UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Data DOI: https://doi.org/10.34892/x6r3-d211

    Other cited reference(s):
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    OSPAR Commission. (2015) OSPAR Threatened and/or Declining Habitats 2015. URL: http://www.ospar.org/work-areas/bdc/species-habitats/list-of-threatened-declining-species-habitats. Data URL: http://www.emodnet-seabedhabitats.eu/download.